GW Control Service Web Connetions?

What is the purpose of gwctlsrv.exe connecting to your domain, amazon and cloudfront? I note also multicast but see no need for that in my environment or if even the free version utilizes it.

I have for now blocked it. Will that cause any functional problems? (None noticed so far.) Nor am I concerned with a background “check for updates.”

In using the free version, if those connections serve a purpose to your revenue model, I’ll be OK with unblocking.

Thank you!

We’re hosted at AWS and we use Cloudfront.

Why does GlassWire connect to

GlassWire is checking for software updates and suspicious host updates. If you block GlassWire from accessing the network then you will not know about new versions of our software that contain security and bug fixes.

I have noticed a daily connection to “”.

Is this normal?