GW Does Not Detect Steam Connection?

I Just Purchased GlassWire. Pro… And I See In Alerts Tab AMD And Intel Apps Are Connecting…Opened A Game On Steam And Played For A Good Half Hour…Nothing Showed Up In The Alerts Tab? Hope You May Fix The Behavior Or Tell Me If There Is Something I Should Do Differently To Correct This… I Think You Have A Good Product Here…I Am Seeing A Lot Of Things That Are Making The Connections (I Never Knew) And Would Recommend The Glasswire Product to Non-Gamers But I Would Like To Know If My My Windows 10 Pro 64bit Intel i7 Is Mining Bitcoin While I Play?

Thanks for buying GlassWire. With the Steam version of GlassWire we have Steam itself white listed. This is because GlassWire is part of Steam itself. If you are using our software and Steam is getting network access then perhaps your firewall is switched off, or perhaps you are not in “Ask to connect” mode.

Our user guide is here and our firewall guide is here

If you are worried about Bitcoin mining you can go to your graph, then check your traffic type for Bitcoin traffic.

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Hi Ken,

Not to sound like a noob, how would one detect/discover Bitcoin traffic?

Keep Rockin! Merry Christmas :slight_smile:


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You can go to the graph in GlassWire, then click “traffic” on the top left.

Or go to our “Usage” tab and look for traffic types there.


Cool, Thanks Ken :slight_smile: