GW is being target by unknown app and corrupting prefs

Glass wire is broken. Ask to connect is letting anything through the firewall even when app is under the blocked apps.

Edited, the finger of blame may not stand with GW… Sorry for erratic post. Working on finding what is causing this.

UPDATE: After a fresh install (of GW & deleting prefs) all seemed to work ok and within 10mins the app is letting anything that is blocked through the FW. I am suspecting something on my system is responsible for this. Not a virus im very sure of that. Im trying to find the culprit but this is hard as have a lots of software.

Is almost like an app is targeting GW and corrupting files some how. I am trying to work out what app, this will take me sometime. Report back soon.


Need your help.

I have a production machine with only commercial apps installed (adobe, Steinberg, etc) there are no non commercial apps or plugins found on this system. bottom line, i dont install crap on this system it is what earns me my living. Nothing taken from freeware sites. I have checked and checked for viruses using many methods and the system is totally clean. I have not seen any other problems with this system.

Glasswire. I have many of these programs blocked Like

Adobe Crash Reporter Service - Other adobe apps/services are aloud for updates
Adobe Log Transport App
Nvidia Container - Never seen why nVidia needs this info

Basically i have blocked apps outside the normal update process from having access to the internet. Bothers me that these developers what to see how many time i launch app etc.

Now, i have a lot of these app blocked from sending telemetry and im thinking one of them are screwing around with GW. What would be your best method of finding the culprit? is it even possible for a 3rd party app to corrupt GW’s prefs?

Look forward to your response.



Sorry for the issue. What exactly is happening? The apps get unblocked?

Do you use a VPN software? If so may I ask which one? I recently made this post that can explain why GlassWire’s firewall could have issues, and fixes.

Hi Ken,

I think you may have nailed it. (you the MAN). So what’s happening is the app appears in glasswire as blocked but these apps are still handshaking with there servers.

Now i am using a VPN (ProtonVPN) but i don’t have it launched at start-up. basically its an on demand service.

I know you got a bag of tricks for me so feel free to bombard me when you ready.

This is why i called you out because i knew you’d have an answer for me.


I have heard some VPN services are just white label services for NordVPN. I am not sure if Proton is this way or not.

Could you exit their VPN and try to block some things and see if it solves the issue? If so then it must be their VPN software.

You could then just not use their software and use the built in Windows VPN software ProtonVPN manual Windows 10 IKEv2 VPN setup - ProtonVPN Support.

I dont have the VPN running Ken. I never have it on startup and only use it when i need to use it.

Im looking into using the windows work around and ill get back to you either today or Monday.

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P.S ill change the Heading to this thread once i confirm for sure it is the VPN causing this.

Thanks Ken

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Use Mullvad VPN it works with Wireguard and is fast like NordVPN and does not allow stuff through your Firewall.

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For me ProtonVPN has proven track record across the board. Thanks for the suggestion but ill be giving that a miss.

@Ken_GlassWire you 100% nailed it. It is the VPN that caused this. Because this is a production machine i don’t really need a vpn installed so i have removed and reinstalled GW and all seems to be ok.
Here’s the funny thing, On my everyday system used for gaming, internet and the rest of everyday tasks i have GW installed but don’t have this problem. I would expect this to be a problem across my systems but it is only causing a problem on one. Strange right…

Once again you come to the rescue. THANK YOU. :wink:

P.s i cannot change the title heading to this thread. Can you go ahead and rename to something more appropriate. THX.

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I’m glad everything is back to normal. Sorry for the issue and thanks for using GlassWire.

The subject is fine as is I think.