GW reports ARP spoofing, but can it block it?

It’s great that GW reports ARP spoofing - but I could see no sign that ARP spoofing would or could be blocked.

If GW doesn’t block ARP spoofing (yet), then I think that needs to be included in the forthcoming full-blooded GW version.

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We plan to update our alerts soon where they have more detailed information about things like DNS changes or ARP spoofing.

I don’t think ARP spoofing is something that can be stopped by the computer itself but I could be wrong. Thanks for reporting this and we’ll see if there is a way to stop it via the PC.

You could set ARP address as static for your router (or any other device), therefore it shouldn’t change.

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I didn’t know it was possible to set an ARP address as static that way. Cool idea.

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That wouldn’t be possible on my ISP-supplied router, which has very few user configuration options.

No! Windows has a command to set a static MAC Address. Your router shouldn’t change its MAC address, so you configure your computer to use a static address for that router, and if someone in your network or other software try to ARP poison you, it shouldn’t affect you, because you are connecting to a static address that cannot be changed from outside, you have to modify it manually. At least, that’s what I think…

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if its any contemplation, I have a BUFFALO 2tb NAS Drive connected to my router via ethernet, about 3 days ago, i had 10 - 20 alerts in GW, saying about ARP changes, The MAC address kept changing, my IP address for the NAS drive was, but i have since, changed it to, and ever since i have had no ARP changes…so something else was interfering with the the IP address, another unknown ethernet device using it maybe?..I know I have my TV & Bluray player connected by ehternet, so i think it was one of those, my router must have changed one of them, when it had restarted, to the IP causing the ARP changes…no problems since IP change of NAS Drive.