Had to stop using it

There is just not enough ability to interact with the interface and tune thing the way I want them. I want to cut and paste from the gui and have more control. I cand dig deep enough into the gui or see what’s doing what… It’s just a nice picture on my desktop at the moment… A bar does not tell me much, I need the bars to be tagged so I can see what the traffic is withought messing with the interface to much.

When is the program’s going to get some upgrades? I want to start using it again.



If you click the graph bars you can see what the traffic is in detail and that’s one of the more useful parts of our application. We will try to make this more obvious in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

We also feel frustrated about not being able to copy/paste easily from some areas and we’re working on that for 2.0. GlassWire 2.0 should come out in October.

Requested this awhile back.

Yeah, it’s actually due to a problem with a library we use so it’s hard for us to fix it but we’re working on a solution. We feel your pain for sure and we want this for ourselves.