Help i am older

i dont know how to even read any of it. don’t understand what i am seeing, i thought i would see notice of someone trying to or accessing my internet but i don’t see where that is or how to distingguish one flag or sign from another i want to make sure my work computers from the company we sold are not being access by old employee or ??? They have all our info over the years.

I’m just another user but I’d say get expert help.

You are concerned about previous employees continuing to access the work computers that they used to use - is that correct?

If so, then you would need to be certain that they had not installed any unauthorized software on your computers. GlassWire can help with this: identifying what programs are running and what hosts they are connecting to. But it is very difficult to be certain that your ex-employee hasn’t installed some really well-hidden software which would difficult to find even with GlassWire.

The biggest issue for you to find any security problem is that you are struggling with the basics of GlassWire. You don’t know what you are doing so you would have little chance of finding a security issue.

I’d recommend that you get help from someone knowledgeable who can check your computers for you. It would take many hours to explain all the issues to you. Whereas an IT/security expert could look at your systems and within a short time - I’d expect less than an hour - they would have some idea whether you have are likely to have real problem. But to be absolutely certain could take many, many hours of work.

Hi Terri_King,

Remah is correct in that you should seek out professional help if you have the concerns you list.

That is not to say that GlassWire may not be of use to you but you need to know what to look for and this is the second thing that professional help may be able to teach you so that after they have perhaps given everything a good investigation you will be able to do sufficient day to day monitoring.

Unfortunately computer security is a huge topic and tends to be highly specialised with very up to date and broad knowledge of computer hardware, software, networks and social engineering. Security programs can certainly help but they need to be set up appropriately and you need to understand what you are looking for and how to look for it.



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