HELP! I just now has $12k stolen from Bitcoin wallet, and it was someone remoted in

As I was setting at the computer doing something on the left monitor, I look back at the right monitor and my Jaxx wallet was emptied of 55 Ethereum (about $12,000). I had free Glasswire running… Questions

  1. Does GW log the ip address with time and program using it? Since I know the exact time I might get a lead there.

  2. So when I remembered I had LW running I thought about seeing if there were logs, so before I even looked I paid for a pro membership and activated. Now I have a window saying I’m activated and to press the button to restart LW. I want to make sure I don’t erase any logs that might be there by doing so, and I can’t do anything else in LW until I press the restart LW butrton. Thoughts?


Sorry to hear this happened to you.

  1. Yes. Look at the graph and also look at your alerts for any “new” connections in the past before it happened that seem unusual. Are you sure it was done through your PC though? I have heard cryptocurrencies can be stolen other ways.

  2. No, it should not erase anything to activate Pro.

Please check this page on ways to look for malware. Also maybe try Malwarebytes and see if anything shows up on your PC.