Help: Mobile data usage is being treated as Wi-Fi usage (Android 10)

Whenever I use mobile data, GlassWire treats it as Wi-Fi, hence the statistics of mobile data usage shows nothing (0 bytes) while WiFi usage shows both mobile data AND WiFi usage.

I’ve tested using a VPN but still nothing. Mobile data still falls under WiFi regardless of using a VPN or not.

It’s getting annoying and I’m wondering if there is a fix to this. I’m using android 10 (and sometimes

I’ve checked the FAQ and didn’t find anything, and I dont really know how to word this… Sorry if this has been asked by someone else

If you go to your plan then “additional options” is roaming selected there @pissov? Could you try unselecting it and see if it solves the issue?

Or do you not have a plan? Please confirm.

Never mind, updating to the latest version fixed it. Thanks for the help

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