Help Understanding Traffic Apps and Hosts on network (Usage)

Hi -

I am trying to understand the traffic on my network. Someone has hacked into my computer and I am trying to trace the source but what is all this traffic and is it normal? Here is a copy of the Apps and Hosts in GlassWire:

2600:141b:2000:181::e59 (App: Internet Explorer 11 Setup Utility? but I don’t use this app?)

ff02::c (App: Host process for Window Services)

Apps: Windows® installer (don’t use it?)


You could check the files with VirusTotal if you turn on that feature in GlassWire’s settings.

With the hosts, you can also paste them into to see if they show up as dangerous.

Here is what I found for IE Explorer Setup utility:

Virustotal says file not found


It appears that file was already removed from your computer.

If you check any of the hosts with VirusTotal do they look OK? You can also check them with