Helppane.exe Virus

Just had a First network Activity warning for helppane.exe ( C\windows\helppane.exe ) which was expected, but upon using GlassWire Virus check it shows up as infected.
Have scanned file with Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security essentials and Virus total all showing clean ?

Seems all my apps checked from GlassWire showing infected, but not on any other scans ?

Edit Just downloaded HitmanPro also clean

GlassWire uses a Windows API to check for viruses. For example if you are using Windows 8 and you are using the built in Windows security essentials then that’s what checks for viruses. If you download a file with Firefox and you see a scan it’s the same thing.

Could you see if the Windows built in antivirus is showing the infection also? We haven’t seen any reports like this yet about a false warning since we use the user’s third party antivirus.

My built in Virus checker is Microsoft Security essentials, I have done a full scan and all is clean ?

Could you email our “bugs” email with a screenshot if you can along with what Windows version and computer hardware you are using? We want to figure out what’s going on.

I just tested my helppane.exe and scanned it with Security Essentials on 8.1 and could not recreate this.

Just turned off Computer and restarted, Now GlassWire virus check is showing all clean. First reboot in days.

Thinking back yesterday I switched off Windows HomeGroup and disabled HomeGroup Listener and HomeGroup Provider Services

I have Windows 7 ultimate fully updated

Edit I also altered some advanced sharing options in Network and Sharing centre

Maybe this ?

We will try to find this problem. Thanks for reporting this.