Here are a few suggestions to make your product even better

I am very satisfied of GlassWire Elite and the support on this forum is amazing. To make your product even better, here are my suggestions:

1: make a yearly subscription in addition of lifetime. That would be a great option for those who can’t afford the product or who are not sure if they’ll use it on a extended period of time.

2: an online “my account” would be nice. Even something simple like what Malwarebytes did, where you can access your license and reset if if you’ve reached the maximum activation limit. That would also give GlassWire the opportunity to know the email of their clients and email them about future products and updates.

3: you should make it more clear on your website what company owns GlassWire (SecureMix LLC) and where it is based. If i’m not mistaken you are headquartered in the USA and it is a huge plus in my opinion, as your country have a very good reputation when it comes to security products.

Anyway that’s just my ideas to make your product even more awesome than it already is :wink:

PS: i originally posted this as a reply on another suggestion thread, but decided to make my own topic.


Thanks for your feedback. I did not realize Malwarebytes had such a system, we will check it out.

We are in Austin, Texas.

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Yes but it’s not obvious. On the Malwarebytes website, click on the “more” menu up at the right and there is a “My Account” link. I don’t know why it’s wrote so tiny tough.

Also i was given the possibility to create my account after buying a license recently. I don’t know if it works for older keys as there is no possibility create a new account. Also it looks like it’s managed thru a partnership with Cleverbridge as the payment info is stored there but i could be wrong.

You’re based in Texas ? That’s awesome. I’m from Monaco (Europe).

Thanks for taking the time to reply :wink: