Hey guys u solved my issue guys stuck "visualizing network" bug and GWCtlSrv.exe service automatically stop bug

hey guys i just returned to your GLASSWIRE application
and download your new version
and boom my issues vanishes
and now i have been using it for 2 days straight with no error no stoppage no visualizing network screen
thanxxx for thanxx for it really helped me a lot
but there is an issue
Sometimes GWCtlSrv.exe consumes 20% of my CPU for no reason at all. but that only happen sometimes
well it is only happen to me 2 times in 2 days and to resolve the issue i had to restart whole glasswire application.
so that’s your issue guys

and there is one more and that is your team said that they have resolved the issue of memory hog
well i don’t think so it consuming too much memory guys so plz resolve this too

so guys that’s all
keep up the good work

Thank you for your feedback. I always ask people this question so maybe I already asked you but do you use any bittorrent type applications by chance?


Yes i use uttorent !!

WHY ohh wait a minute don’t tell me that’s the problem and i remember you asked me the same question 3 months ago.