High CPU usage on resume from hibernation

Every time my system resumes from hibernation, there is a high CPU activity from Glasswire apps (Glasswire and Glasswire Idle Monitor) totalling to about 80% CPU usage. And it stays on like that for a prolonged period and am eventually forced to kill and restart the application, after which it behaves normal.

There are no torrent apps that are running/downloading when this happens. Is this a known issue that the team has acknowledged? Any other pointers to fix this/narrow down the cause?

Glasswire: V 1.2.100 (32 bit)
Windows 10 Creators Update Version 1703 (OS Build 15063.332) 64 bit


When this happens what is showing up on the GlassWire graph? Is your PC connecting to a lot of hosts simultaneously?

If you uninstall GlassWire, reboot, and reinstall as the “clean” option does it help?

Here’s a screenshot of the Glasswire graph alongside Task Manager showing high CPU usage. If you mean local hosts, it is a home network and my machine is only connected to the WiFi router and no other machine.

I will try a clean install and let you know the outcome.

i have a similar problem that glasswire is making alot of prosseses after hibernation


Did you try the suggestions above?

No luck after the clean install too. Here’s a screenshot:

Also, even after I turn off the idle monitoring feature, the monitor exe keeps running. Even if I kill it, it comes up next time. For now have renamed it, to prevent this. You may want to look into that as well.


Hi, I have the same Problem since few Version.
I don’t know what you did there, but it isn’t good.
High CPU Usage could also mean some for the user useless processing… to collect data?
Also there isn’t an easy export and import function for the Settings, so a clean install could be done…
Please fix this high CPU Problem as soon as you can.

Please email our helpdesk with details on how to reproduce this problem. We are unable to reproduce the issue, but if you could give us details we can investigate further.

Same problem, so bad I uninstalled it. It’s got a faster and bigger memory leak than the games I ALPHAQ test everyday - Yikes, get that monster off my computer before it does cause a crash 90+% of an i7 4.0 CPU and of 32 GB RAM used by this thing in under 3 hours - NO THANK YOU.

I guess I might have some clue on what might be the potential cause here.

My system has been losing time constantly for the past few months (probably a case of depleted BIOS battery).
When the system wakes up from hibernation, it is usually off a few hours from the actual time and this for some reason throws Glasswire off. I tried correcting the time manually and also using the w32tm /resync command and the moment time is corrected, I could see Glasswire’s CPU usage go down immediately.

May be this could help you simulate the issue at your end and narrow down the potential cause.



Thank you for your comments on this problem. I will see if there is some way to replicate this problem on our own systems.

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