High cpu usage when using QNAP Surveillance Center with QVR Client live view

i am using latest glasswire 1.2.88 and qnap qvr client for the qnap surveillance center.
when i start the surveillance center sometimes Glasswire begins to eat up cpu usage up to >30% after some runtime, i also seen glasswire control service peaking in this region at the same time. When i stop the qvr client it goes to normal after some time, while i am writing this i tried to reproduce the behaviour and right now it is working without problems for some time so it is not always reproduceable.


Does QNAP surveillance center contact many host IP addresses simultaneously, or what does it do exactly?

right now i only see 5 https connections looks like every video channel has its own plus the client itsself so nothing unusual here, i guess i have to check for unusual traffic when GlassWire begins to peak but i narrowed it down to the qnap qvr client GlassWire was always peaking after i started the client, right now it works flawlessly

If you are a paid user, can you disable GlassWire’s webcam/mic monitor and see if it helps?

i seen that hint in another high cpu usage thread and i think i already tried it and it did not help, the qvr client only shows camera feeds, most are without audio but it does not connect to the client webcam or microphone

Can we download that software somewhere to test?