High CPU with latest version and latest Windows 10 build

The Glasswire Control Service is consistenly using about 12%-15% or more CPU on my machine. I updated to 2.2.260 and that had no change. I removed glasswire and made a clean install of 2.2.260 and that also made no difference. I’m running Windows 10 Version 2004 OS Build 19041.610.
Any help would be appreciated.


Do you have some games on your PC? If so may I ask which ones? What firewall mode are you in?

There are a few unusual games that can cause this issue because of the way they constantly request network activity when GlassWire is in its “Ask to connect” mode.

The Firewall is Off and in Ask to Connect mode. I do have Steam installed with two games but I haven’t used them in a while. What mode would you recommend for the firewall?

I use “ask to connect” myself.

Maybe GlassWire Lite could be a good option for you.

I will say though that high CPU usage is not normal for any GlassWire version.

Just for information, no problem for my part on Win10 19041.610
Maybe it come from another thing, drivers ? software ?
Need more information for help