High disk usage sometimes

Sometimes Glasswire will make the disk usage go to a 100% slowing down the entire system, but only read/write 2 MB/s. I checked what file it was trying to access and it seems like it has something to do with the log files. This usually happens when I come back from being idle to the computer and at random times when the computer is in use.

Do you use Bittorrent? We made some changes with our next update that should help with this problem several users reported to us.

No I don’t use Bittorrent (It is installed but closed and not running, does it matter?). This is happening on a computer with a new Windows install, so I am running the latest version of Glasswire already.

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@Kidsnd274 I asked about Bittorrent because it accesses so many hosts simultaneously it can sometimes cause higher resource usage for GlassWire than normal, but we have worked hard to solve this. Our next update has even more resource usage optimizations that I hope will solve your problem.

I have this problem as well. A temporary solution for me was to enable Incognito mode whilst waiting for the next update.