High disk usage with fortnite

My son is gaming and streaming fortnite using discord, chrome, obs, and spotify at the same time. We went way over my 1024 GB/month comcast data limit last month and I am trying to track it down, hence the glassware pro newest version.

He is whinning because the task manager disk usage is at 100% sometimes and slows down his computer, since he installed glasswire two days ago. . He also complains that around every 30 sec a notification pops up with a network connection detected and this annoys him. Any ideas?


Please go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “snooze” while gaming to avoid any notifications, or go to the top left menu and choose “settings” then disable any notifications you don’t want.

For disk usage, does GlassWire itself show any unusual activity when this happens? Recently someone else had this issue and they found it was due to some kind of ping test software that was installed. In another case the customer found their PC was infected with malware.

Does the PC have Bittorrent installed and is it running in the background?