HIgh download from one site

I have been getting downloads in the 3GB range. It is labelled under host process for windows service. The location is: a767.dspw65.akamai.net and the IP address keeps changing each time i click on the name.
I’ve run many adware, malware, spyware, root kits, reset chrome to default, etc and nothing has been found. I’m on a metered bandwidth account.
Any suggestions?

Could your PC being try to download the free Windows 10 upgrade?

Your right Ken Open DNS quote it as a “Windows update download service” and as thats where all Win 10 system updates will come via this is to be expected.

Hello Gyro: The file you refer to has caused me to go over my 30 GIG/mo bandwidth cap in Verizon several times. To correct this problem, I have restricted to this site in Parental Controls of Kaspersky. So far so good. Thanks to GlassWire for allowing me to identify this bandwidth hog. I will now probably purchase the full GlassWire application. Good luck…Ritch