Home network reports

Hello all,

I live in rural America and have LTE for home internet. I would like to monitor my traffic. While I can do this from my router, I find the data to be unreliable. I love Glasswire and am ready to buy the pro pack and install incognito on all my home devices. I have to have a really good idea of bandwidth consumed each month to avoid overage fees or to plan ahead.

I do not see in the features list if this is an option. I would like to have reporting from a dashboard for all devices I am managing. I have a home server that can host the DB if this is an option.

I could searched but thought I’d make a “hello” post as well!

Thanks everyone!


Thanks for trying GlassWire.

You can monitor multiple PCs from one location using our remote monitoring feature.

Many people use GlassWire to avoid data overages because we’ll show what exact app is causing the overage, so you can then solve the issue. Otherwise if you just know a PC is causing an overage it’s not very helpful and the issue can never be solved in many cases without knowing what app is the bandwidth hog.