Host Process for Windows Services "Application changed"


I am getting alerts like the one below. I found threads going back to 2014 that mention this issue. I did a fresh reinstall of Glasswire, deleting app data. But now it happened again. My computer is not infected. It seems like previous customers have tracked this down be happening when Windows Defender updates.

Is there any chance you could have a look at this? I mean, I realize that it’s a false positive and false positives happen. Just seems odd that it’s been 2 years and still not fixed.

I just looked at my Windows Defender and it actually looks like I’ve had it turned off for a long time. Perhaps that info might help you reproduce the issue.

Previous threads



We have made changes to the host monitor system many times since 2014, so saying it is not fixed in 2 years is incorrect. Nobody has reported this problem in awhile and we are unable to reproduce this on our test machines.

The scenario you are describing is probably due to a Windows update and it is correct. Did you run a Windows update at that time?


Hi! No I did not run a Windows update. It is possible that Microsoft Security Essentials was updated though. It does not happen at every MSE virus definition update, but perhaps it happens when MSE is updated itself.

I don’t understand what you mean with “saying it’s not fixed in 2 years is incorrect”. I understand that you are continuously working with improving the software and that’s great. However, I got this issue now and it appears to have been reported 2 years ago. It’s strange that you haven’t been able to replicate it.

Anyways, I’m intending on upgrading to Win 10 soon and I expect this won’t be happening anymore after that. It’s only been reported on Win 7 right?