Hosts List Dialog Sorting Functionality

I have noticed that the various Hosts lists can now be sorted by any of the four fields listed in the dialog (Hosts, Apps, Uploaded and Downloaded). Each field can be sorted by cycling through three different orderings: descending (down-caret), ascending (up-caret) and a third (blank) choice. Can you tell me what sorting order is denoted by the third (blank) choice for each of the displayed fields? Does the third choice on each field just select the previous GW versions’ default order of “Total Data Transfer,” sorted on the sum of the uploaded and downloaded bytes for all hosts? Or is it some other sorting order? This new functionality is very helpful.

Thank you for your help.


The third option is the same as it was in GlassWire before the new sorting ability was added. Usually it’s the sum of incoming/outgoing traffic.

Thank you. That is what I thought. Very nice!

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