How do I monitor a specific Network?

I just downloaded GlassWire. I’m right now Tethering and using ForceBindIP to play World of Warcraft. So the Idea is that my main network/internet still runs as normal but this third party program forces WoW to route to the second Network Device. (USB Dongle) That is tethered to my cell. I was hoping to use this for 100% only monitoring my 2nd Network I really don’t care much about the first unless you can view them separate.

Pretty much the whole point is I got limited bandwidth on my cell and I like to monitor it’s usage in the most advance way possible.

Just an update I relaunched it and it seems to be capturing WoW. I was hoping to capture the one interface though see everything that uses it hmmm.

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We don’t separate network interfaces currently, but we hope to add that ability in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

It may be possible to show “tethering” details under “usage/apps” or “graph/apps” if it shows up as a separate app in GlassWire.

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Thanks, I ended up finding GlassWire on android and worked really good for tethering. Since I’m not using a tethering app or anything special on PC just another Network interface it did not work so well. But thankfully Android App saved the day :slight_smile: