How many devices should Glasswire be detecting on my network?

I have only one computer connected directly by Ethernet cable to a Verizon Fios ONT (no router).

I have scanned (with Glasswire Pro) the devices on my network and it shows that there are two devices. One MAC address I see is associated with my computer’s ethernet card (according to “ipconfig/all”), but the other I am not sure. Is it the ONT?

Before I got Pro, it would show 1 device on the network. Now, it shows 2 (that is why I bought Pro).

Also, I see that this other device (not my laptop) has many dynamic IP addresses associated with it (sometimes 2, sometimes more than 5), according to “arp -a” in the Windows command line. Can anyone explain?


I’m not sure. Please send us some screenshots and we’ll check it out