How many licenses for non-simultaneous use

hi guys,

is it possible to use one license on several computers? i have a laptop and a desktop-pc, which I never use at the same time. do I need one or two licenses?

thanks for help :wink:

You would need two licenses because our licenses work per PC, not user. Sorry for any confusion.

thanks for the fast answer :wink:

oh thats bad… are user-licenses not planned?
i would buy it immediately.

Pro allows 3 PCs. We do it by PCs, not users because it’s difficult to count users.


is it possible to uninstall license and then install it on another pc? Like for example if I bought new pc and I would like to transfer the license to the new pc, is this scenario possible or I still need to buy another license?

Thank you.

Go to the GlassWire menu and choose “Deactivate” to remove the license. Thanks!

Very nice program! I have 2 Surface and 3 PC in my household. Its 2 x $99 or $99 plus 2 x $49 for 2 users. Hmm… a lot for a little bit more privacy. First license for $49 plus and additional license for $24 its a great deal.

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