How to activate without repurchasing


Tried to activate basic edition of Glasswire and page seems dead. I’ve entered activation code about 100 times and still unable to activate in Chrome running on Windows 10. I have not been able to figure out how to uninstall & download again without going through the actual purchase.

Help would be appreciated and would also like to know how much of a confirmation that the inability to activate indicates.


Sorry for the problem. What error do you see when you try to activate?

I had a brief but repeatable problem with a new activation on one machine in that I could Copy the code from the authorization email, but the code would not paste into my Glasswire activation field – it would stay blank. Is that what you see, or is the code entering the blank and Glasswire is not recognize it?

For the first, try rebooting your machine – that cleared the problem for me. If the second, Ken is your man!

Edit: I’ve been doing a lot of restarting and rebooting and new setup and have pretty much forgotten exactly what I did when. So let me update this with a new nugget.

In the case above when Glasswire Activation would not accept my paste, I found that I could simply open Notepad (Windows Accessories), paste to Notepad, re-copy from Notepad and then paste successfully to Glasswire Activation. (I suspect the copy/paste difficulty is something related to my browser or gmail. I had this glitch with two out of four machines – both running Win10 with Edge and gmail. The Win10 machine with Outlook did not have this problem)