How to allow Glasswire firewall to operate with AVG Antivirus

I have AVG Internet security and would like to allow Glasswire’s firewall to operate

To ensure your full security, Enhanced Firewall is enabled by default. We recommend keeping Enhanced Firewall enabled at all times, unless you need to disable it temporarily for troubleshooting purposes.

To disable Enhanced Firewall temporarily:

Open AVG AntiVirus and click the Web & Email tile on the main application screen.

Click Open above Enhanced Firewall.

Click the green (ON) slider, then select a time duration.

Click OK, stop in the dialog that appears.

Enhanced Firewall is temporarily disabled. To enable Enhanced Firewall, follow steps 1-2 above, then click the slider so that it changes from red (OFF) to green (ON).

Rachel Gomez

You’re better off to completely uninstall AVG and use the Uninstall utility.