How to change KB (MB) in graph to Kb (Mb)?

How to change KB (MB) in graph to Kb (Mb) ?

this mean i want track bits instead of bytes

Do you mean you want to change the scaling? GlassWire automatically scales and shows the most appropriate size for your current network usage, otherwise the graph would be too large or too small to be useful.

Are you asking to track bits instead of bytes?

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I think he meant to see The usage not by Kb (Mb) but by Kb (Mb)
But if he really want that Unfortunately there is no feature in glasswire that let’s the user change the units of the Glasswire

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i want track bits instead of bytes :pensive:

GlassWire automatically scales to the correct size. If you scaled to bits when it should be bytes then I think the graph would go off the screen and you wouldn’t see any useful information.

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The older version of Glasswire used to update in realtime the
usage. This version has 3 minute delays. Help, would be appropriated.

Even when I tried the older version, it still had the 3 min delay.