How to control single connections of an app


how do I control to which IP’s an app is allowed to connect to? From little snitch of OSX I know that I can individually control each IP an application is allowed to connect to. In glasswire I can only allow the application to send and receive traffic but the app can then connect to any ip it wants to. Am I missing something? Why is it not possible to bring up a message dialog for each individual connection attempt to a specific ip…


We don’t block hosts. Thanks for your feedback.

For what type of app do you use where you need to block its hosts? Is it a browser or something else?

Well I’d like to see with which IP’s an application is trying to communicate. There are many examples where connections are not wanted. For instance advertising stuff where google server connections are often established and so on. I wonder why this is not a feature of the build in firewall in glasswire? I originally thought it is part of it when I bought the app. Now I’m quite disappointed about the provided functionality

GlassWire gives several ways to see this.

  1. Go to graph/apps, then click the graph to see in detail what hosts the app was connecting to.
  2. When an “ask to connect” prompt appears, it shows the hosts the app is trying to connect to.
  3. When a “new” prompt appears it shows the host.
  4. Go to graph/usage to see host details yet another way.
  5. Look at the firewall where it shows the hosts column.

Are you using our Lite version? If so it doesn’t show hosts in as many places to save resources. Go to to download the non-lite version.

Well, I bought the most expensive version. How can I block individual ip’s when the app tries to connect to one?

We don’t block IP/hosts, only apps.

If you want to block trackers in a browser you’re better off using a browser extension like Adblock Plus. We have tested blocking hosts in Windows with different apps and we have found it often breaks the app and makes it unresponsive.

Sorry for any misunderstanding. I thought you were saying you could not see hosts in our software.

No I see hosts and connections made. It’s just disappointing. I expected more from a firewall function.

Thanks for your feedback on host blocking. We’ll continue to investigate adding this feature.

We are currently working on completely new Firewall features and functions for GlassWire.