How to delete unused IP Address entry in Settings-Server-Remote Access-Allow Access only from IP

As stated in the Title/topic above, how can I delete unused/extra IP Addresses that have been entered into Glasswire? I see the Add button but no Delete or Remove.

Any help on this please?


I just tested to make sure it works before posting this. If it doesn’t work for you please let me know.

Click the IP address you want to delete, then press the keyboard “delete” key, and it should disappear.


Click on the IP address and press the Delete key.

Edit: I was one second too slow. @Ken_GlassWire, you win the :checkered_flag:

That worked.

The delete function is rather unclear specially for ordinary users, newbies or non-techies. Unlike in the Client-Server List where when the cursor is placed above the item to be deleted, a faint/dimmed out “x” icon appears to indicate a delete. In the Allow Access only from IP section there is no similar item or clue on how to delete the entry.

Thanks again.