How to export/report on info

Graphs are very cool, but how do you generate reports?

I would like to be able to see machine X visited specific website last Wed for example. Is that possible?


Thanks for your feedback. Usually you can use the graph and go back and forth in time and see details that way. Click the graph to see apps/hosts there, or choose the specific app then check the graph for its history (browser).

We’re actively working on a new search feature that should do something like you propose.

For just logging website visits there are probably niche apps out there that do that specific thing, or you could just check your browser history.

I’m looking to see what processes are hitting the internet (which you can’t get from browser history).

I like your product as you gather lots of cool data, not being able to report on that great data (that you already gather) is unfortunate.

Once you add that feature in, I will definitely purchase Glasswire.


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Thanks for your feedback.

For others reading this in the future and to avoid a misunderstanding, with GlassWire you can see extremely detailed historical network information within GlassWire itself through its “Usage” tab, or through our “Graph”.

For example with the graph you can go back in time and see what apps/hosts were responsible for spikes in network activity, etc… Just click the graph to do so.

Many people enjoy using GlassWire because they prefer our ability to quickly view the graph view, then access a particular time period to break down traffic by app or host.

I wanted to report back and say after a few days of using trial product, I did purchase as the program is very cool.

Please add reporting though, you have lots of great data that would be awesome to report on.

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Thanks for supporting our work on this project!

Yes, reporting is a common request. We are investigating how we could do this.

We usually pick future features in order of how often they are requested. I’m not sure exactly where this is on our list currently.

Hi, May I know if Glasswire can export the usage data into excel/csv? If yes, how? I’ve seen few previous comments going back to 2016, according to those, Glasswire had been working on that back in 2016. Has it been released?

Thanks for your feedback. We’ll consider adding some kind of exporting system in the future.

GlassWire’s logs are quite large and complex and exporting them is not an easy task. Currently we’re working on a powerful search system that should help with this.