How to get notification (which cannot be deletes) data usage ALL month and per second NOTIFICATION on Windows, like on Android

I just started using GlassWire and it’s very good application!
I want to know, how can I see Data usage notification on dekstop (Windows 10), like is available on Andorid - notification, which cannot be deleted…



Please check the section on “usage alerts” to create a data usage alert. Thanks!

Sorry, I didn’t mean that, I mean, if there is way to enable notification,which stays for every and show you statistics, like on Android.

and my other question, which I can’t post:

Is it showing sites, when you are on private mode?
Because, I am at some sites, what I don’t want to my brother acces, like games :smiley: idk, I am wondering, if there is way to hide that or it’s GlassWire saving private mode sites, search …?


GlassWire has a top left menu, and under that is “Incognito” if you don’t want something logged. To clear your current history go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “settings” then clear your history. - Please see the section “Incognito”.

What about first question please, how to create notification like that (like I said) - Notification, which cannot be deleted on Windows 10, like is available on Android (example:)


Unfortunately Windows has no notification that can be swiped down like on Android.

However, you can set up our “Usage” screen how you want and then it will have your stats there. Just choose “Month” at the top right area on the usage screen.

To get alerted before you go over a data amount go to GlassWire’s top left menu and choose “settings” then “Data Plan”.