How to know which pc's are licensed with a elite account ? (and delete some pcs from the list)

My girlfriend pays for 10 pcs.
We haved maxed out the 10 pcs limit.
We dont use some pcs anymore.
We want to dump the old , introduce the new.
Where can we clean the current licenses, to assign them, to new ?

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Thanks for using GlassWire.

If you have an Elite subscription we use a “smart” system that should auto-update where you don’t have to ever manage any licenses. It’s rare for people to have issues with GlassWire subscription licenses.

In the rare event you do have an issue just message me privately in the forum, or email me.

If you know you’re not going to monitor a certain PC anymore go to our top left menu and choose “deactivate” and it releases the license 100% for sure if you’re worried about it.

We do realize in some cases a PC or server can crash and you can’t deactivate to release the license, but in those cases our “smart” system with subscriptions can solve the issue automatically with no need to contact us.

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