How to make Glasswire respond like PeerBlock?

Hi all.

All said in title, I saw somwhere that is possible with all Firewalls, but I don’t know how.

If it’s possible with PeerBlock’s rules, with their Website of rules. (Sorry for my bad English, but I’m French).

Can you help me please ?

Thank you by advance, and see you soon.

Nobody can help ? Or know how to do ?

I don’t believe that you can block ips through glasswire, cause it is a network monitoring utility that cooperates with the default windows firewall, (it’s not a firewall itself) your best bet is to find a way to put those ips to your windows firewall or even better into the hosts file

We plan to add host blocking in the future, but we want to do it in a way that’s easy to use. GlassWire can’t currently block hosts like Peerblock.

OK, thank you for the replies of all. But in the futur, Glasswire could do like Peerblock ?

In the meantime, do I need Glasswire if I have Peerblock installed ? Or it will make duplicate ?

I have never heard of anyone reporting problems with GlassWire/Peerblock together, because we focus on apps and Peerblock focuses on Hosts I think. Let me know if you run into issues.

what is the benefit for me to use the two together? I use for now ESET Smart Security, that include a Firewall too, so, what is the benefit for me please ?

Going back in time to see your network activity, remote monitoring, bandwidth usage monitoring, webcam and mic detection, who’s on your network, etc…

OK, I will try it, but at the first problem without solution, I will uninstall it.

There is a feature request for this: GlassWire Feature request - Custom Website/IP Blocking

I would find IP blocking and peerblock IP list import useful also.

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