How to move license?

Found out about GW from Android app.

Was on and saw GW for sale, so I bought on a whim, from there. And also the general concept of that programmers need to eat too (I donate to various freeware).

Installed on old Core2Duo computer.

Rebuilt another system with an AMD Ryzen +W10, and it is obvious I need to upgrade the first computer, the Ryzen one just mows down anything I throw at it, like decrypting a Blu-Ray disc - the SATA interface is the limiting condition now.

But now I have that ‘problem’, similar to Microsoft Office or Macrium, when you pay for it, it becomes difficult to move it. So what do I do? Macrium I have to de-activate before shutting down (this is pain by the way, but I get it, how else you going to stop cheaters).

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You can deactivate it on the first machine and re-activate it on the new computer.

Sometimes reactivating won’t work so email your order information to the GlassWire helpdesk and they’ll get it fixed:

By the way, GlassWire does not have the same problems as with Microsoft Office or Macrium. GlassWire Free can be installed on as many computers as you like so it is no problem to have de-activated installs. You only need the activation code to get the paid features. Those products you mention work differently:

  • Microsoft Office doesn’t have a free local install except as a trial.
  • Macrium Reflect has different issues because you need a code even for the free version and backup/restore features are lost when you deactivate so it can make it difficult to restore your backup.
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Does this work the same way on Android? I have an Android phone currently and know my provider will cut me off because it is not a 4GLTE phone, so I will be getting a new one in a few month’s time. I am interested in trying the Android app and if I like it, want to buy it now, but also want to know that I can transfer it off the old phone to the new one before I kill the old phone.

Please advisse! Thank you.

We’d love to let you use your desktop license with Android. Unfortunately Google requires we give them a percentage of our sales from Google Play and they don’t allow us to use our desktop activation codes on Android.
We are looking at ways around this issue in the future. This is why we don’t mention Android on our desktop order page.
I apologize and I hope we’ll someday be able to support desktop codes with Android somehow.

Actually, Nord VPN allows you to use your paid subscription anywhere, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You do have to login, though. Nord keeps track of how many licenses are in use by login.

Another option license management option is to do what AdGuard does. You download the Android APK from their website onto your Android device, then install (aka sideload) it on your device. Next, you add your license code to the app. AdGuard keeps track of the license code in use based on the device ID and you can manage the codes on their website (remove the license from ad device, freeing it for other use).


Yes, that’s true!

Unfortunately we have no logon system because we don’t collect user logon/passwords currently.

Is AdGuard on Google Play? I wonder if Google allows you to list your app on Google Play while selling it side loaded like that, or if it’s against their Terms? I don’t think we’d want to have to completely remove GlassWire from Google Play so we could sell it side loaded.

As it is now our Android app uses absolutely no data at all itself so it has no logon system or any system at all to access the network for privacy/security reasons.

AdGuard’s free, less capable version is on Google Play. If you want the paid license version, you have to download it directly from AdGuard’s website and install it on your phone, buy a license key from their website, and enter it manually in the app. You don’t have to login to AdGuard (in the app itself) to use the licensed version.

As far as I know, AdGuard doesn’t collect any info either. AdGuard does check for a valid license to unlock all features on the sideloaded app and associates your device ID with that license so it can’t be used on more than 1 device at a time.

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