How to properly read the graph screen

I am used to the methods I was taught to read units of data. Capital KBs is kiloBYTES per second… yet I cannot possibly be transferring 3 or sometimes 400 kilobytes per second… I know that you guys wrote this program and you know what you mean by the text you put on the screen, but am I indeed to read the graph screen in KILOBYTES per second or is it in fact kilo BITS per second? You know what you mean, I am left to guess… since I did not write the program. and where is there a total of data throughput for a period defined by the user? But I am really puzzled, Kb/s or KB/s, which is it really?


Please check this Blog post and let me know if you still have questions.

We continue to work to improve GlassWire’s readability and usability in the future for those that find it confusing. Thanks for your feedback.