How to reset the "Ask to Connect" function on paid versions

I just switched from the free to the paid version and would like to start my connections through Glasswire from ground zero. Is there a way to easily zero out all the connections and then select “Ask to connect” option for each?

Thanks for the assistance.

Update: I may have found the answer in another post.

  1. stop the GlassWire service
  2. remove the database (c:\programdata\glasswire\service\glasswire.db)
  3. start the GlassWire service

This seemed to do the trick

Thank you for upgrading to the paid version.

Yes, the instructions you gave above should zero out the connections. We will try to add some easier way in the future to do this that can be done from our own UI.

If you run into any problems with this method let me know and I have another idea that will help.