How to stop GlassWire from asking me to update?

I’ve been using the free version of the software for a few months now, and for simply monitoring how much data is being used in the background, it was great. It doesn’t have the best way of updating, as it kept giving me a pop-up to go download and install a new version and to remove the old one, instead of updating dynamically within the client, but eh it’s fine.

What wasn’t fine, is after I updated to the latest version, I discovered that they changed the free version so that you can’t view your usage history (not even the day before), and you can only view your usage from the present day. Very gross change, but whatever, rolled back to the previous version.

Now every couple hours or so, a page pops up telling me to update. There is zero ways to turn this off, which with how old this software is, feels like it’s on purpose, to nag people and force them to update. I’d still like to ask people with more experience than me, maybe they know of a way to get rid of that pop-up. I do not want to update. Alternatively, if this can not be removed whatsoever, can anyone tell me which version of GlassWire implemented this pop-up, so I can roll-back to the version before that and live hassle free? Thanks in advance.