I bought a GlassWire basic edition and its key does not work!

for the first 2 days the key worked well and now it does not work at all!
the firewall log does not work as expected too,the total trafic amount log sometimes dose not match the real internet trafic amount! it looks like been reseted every time i reboot my system!

1.what should i do now to active my firewall?is my key stolen?
2.is there any known bugs in the basic version of your product causing the internet traffic log does not match the total internet trafic of my computer?it should keep 6 month of history,am i correct?

my cleverbridge No. is 91166656

ok,is the key capLock sensitive???
i remember i entered the key once without caplock,and it worked.

Sorry for the problem.

Please try the following:

Uninstall GlassWire, then reboot.

Please install our latest version, then choose “clean install” in the installer. Next re-enter your activation code. Please let me know if you run into this problem again.

If the problem continues can you tell me if you are using some kind of third party “cleaning” software? It may be deleting our database.

i think i am having trouble downloading the file,the link speed is low and i am not very sure my DNS is working as expected and plus my local network is not safe, and i hope you can offer me the latest version number and the file size plus MD5 and sha-1 hash number.thanks.

I just did a test download and the server was fast. We use AWS with a CDN so there shouldn’t be any download problems.

https://www.glasswire.com/changes/ Our hash info and version info is here.

i think you should consider adding filesize and sha-1 or sha-256 to your list, thanks :slight_smile:

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