I can't understand what is glasswire's job

thats it. I can’t understand. when I look at glasswire’s tabs I only see information about my APPs, my network… glasswire seem more like an application for network control and monitoring, not a firewall.

I tested my computer, expecially the firewall protection.I tested against filesharing, with glasswire disabled or enabled, the result was the same: passed.
glasswire didint even noticed that something was trying to access my computer remotly

than, I tried to profile my computer checking it’s common ports security. I couldn’t profile my computer through any of it’s 26 ports, with or without glasswire.

than, the last test: checking my first 1056ports. result: passed.with or without glasswire.

so, based on this… glasswire is doing nothing on my computer… with or without GW my computer continuous to be equally secure… that’s why I think GW is more for a network monitoring program than a firewall.

Switch to the firewall tab and block one application. Ask to connect is a premium feature.

GlassWIre uses the Windows Firewall API so it stays as light as possible. It’s true, we are more of a network security monitor than a firewall but when we talk about GlassWire we often use the word “Firewall” because network security monitor is not something most people understand easily.

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