I upgraded to 2.2.304 and it's still crashing 0XC0000409

This crash was about an hour ago.

Does anybody want this dump?

Please email it using a cloud service like Google Drive.

Thanks for your report. Some solutions:

  1. Unfortunately this usually happens if your database is somehow corrupted. A clean install will fix it if that’s the case. How to back up data and settings.

  2. If you’re using an older Windows version, please run Windows update.

Unfortunately, I DID a clean install…

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Interestingly enough, the crashes have stopped happening.

I configured the service to automatically restart two times after which it crashed three more times (putting three more memory dumps on my desktop.)

Then it all stopped failing. I have no obvious explanation but I do keep my system updated.

I am using the presence of a crash-dump on my desktop to determine if it fails.

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I’m glad everything is working now. I apologize for the issue.

Maybe it was a conflict with another app?