I want to replace Kaspersky but before I buy Glasswire

I would like to know if this software currently offers what I need which is:

  1. Be able to block certain IPs/Hosts system wide so from all applications

  2. Be able to block IPs/Hosts on certain applications and allow them on others

  3. Be able to block windows host process from contacting Microsoft unless it is for windows update

  4. Be able to add a large amount of IPs to a global block list, Like the windows HOSTS file but blocked by Glasswire and not Windows.

  5. Be able to detect and block raw sockets

  6. Set an application to ask for access for each TCP connection and each UDP packet in and out with port information so I can specifically white or black list each one, creating a custom ruleset for only that process. This is important for when processes are updated or are constantly wanting to contact different hosts, such as browsers.

  1. not sure
  2. i think so
  3. yes
  4. no
  5. dont think so
  6. partly

i think thats all correct

a few of these features i think are coming (remember) beta

@OhHai Please try the free version of GlassWire before buying by downloading it from www.glasswire.com.

  1. We hope to add host blocking in the future.

  2. No.

  3. No.

  4. No.

  5. No.

  6. No.

Thanks for your feedback. We hope to add more sophisticated firewall features like host blocking in the future.