Idle time monitor needs a small tweak and also has a bug

First the tweak that would be appreciated. I’m finding a slight annoyance because the idle time monitor reports only for the amount of time in excess of the idle time specified in settings. I would like it to report on the whole idle period that is longer than the specified time - so with a default 5 min, I would like it to report on the whole 7 min. Maybe some other users would prefer it the way it is, of course.

Second, since the update to v. 2.0.78, as I’m now often but not always getting idle time reports of [time] to [same time], with no traffic in either direction. This may be the monitor actually malfunctioning and simply not reporting time periods and traffic, or it could theoretically be because I’ve come back to the computer after almost exactly 5 min, so that there was only a fraction of a second to report, and there was no traffic in that time. However, it is unbelievable that that would happen frequently since the update and not before, and the reality is that there is almost constant very low-level Net traffic, as shown on my Net Meter display, so it would be very uncommon for even a few seconds’ idle time not having any traffic.

Any ideas on this? Presumably it’s a bug that needs fixing?

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Thanks for your feedback/report. We’ll try to reproduce and fix this.