Ignore "localhost" bandwidth usage. How?

I have a local webserver (WAMPSERVER) which I use to develop websites locally.

How can I tell Glasswire to ignore all “localhost” traffic usage in the browser or to consider it local traffic?
Unfortunately when I load a local webpage the amount of data used locally is counted as external, so usage statistics are not quite reliable.


Does wampserver show up as an app inside GlassWire? If so, and if you’re a paid user you can click its icon, then click “hide” and it will not show its data on the graph.

Yes, it shows up as “Apache HTTP Server”, but the bandwidth usage is not through it.
The usage is with the browser(s). Is there a way to ignore (or mark as local) only the browsers’ traffic that goes to localhost (

Nevermind! I was wrong! :slight_smile:
It already doesn’t count “localhost” usage.
I checked and I had some external resources I was loading in the page, that’s why it counts it. And it’s right!