I'm a missing the point?

Had to register to post this (thank you Glasswire, yet another forum to register to… Identity Federation anyone? )

But, anyway, this is genuine question.
I wonder if I am missing the point of Glasswire in a setting with more than one machine?

It is the most Schizophrenia-like tool I have ever encountered.

1. The price-level, subscription based service is strange.
You require a pretty steep price for what is in effect a very primitive solution.
I’m referring to more than one PC, your 10 PC connection subscription price is insane when looking at the lack of functionality.

2. Reporting
No reporting functions what so ever if you are running more than one installation.
All messages are “then-and-there”, ie looking at the console.
And it gets worse, connecting to other hosts is fine, but you don’t get a pop-up unless you click on/connect to another host.

3. No alerting functionality
There is no way to set alerting, be it email (only, and that sucks), command line triggers, info pump to a syslog server or anything else.
So, if I have 10 machines running Glasswire, I have to click on each and everyone in real time to check what is happening, using the GUI.
And you are charging $99 a year for this?

4. Central config
When running more than one machine is it essential to deploy settings to all machines from a console.
Not possible here, you have to click into/go to settings on each and everyone to set the config.

5. GUI limitations
“Usage”, no filtering, as in the list, at the bottom you get the “+xx more” setting.
“Things” and “Firewall”, way, way to slow regarding host lookups (yes, “Lookup DNS…” is enabled)

6. "Alerts"
What is the purpose of this?
“Date”, “Apps”, “Type”, I cant even cut-and-paste info, and what about frequency, load/amount, spread (to each connected domain)?

7. The DB
You states that you’re using SQLite in such a way, for you special purpose, that it is difficult to make this readable or usable for others.
That is 1. Either a blatant lie, or 2. Deliberate to obfuscate customers reading it.
It is pure nonsense, SQLite is easy, lightweight and a no-brainer to query. You can easily push data to secondary db’s, and stop using that BLOB nonsense to obfuscate.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Glasswire, in it’s essence it is a nice little tool, but you are way off in your pricing, functionality, and some of the corporate answer you are spewing out regarding the tech questions.

You either don’t know what you are talking about, or this is a strategy to hook those less tech inclined… Fix some things as mentioned above, re-calibrate your price for more than one PC installations and I would be more than happy to buy a license.


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Thank you for your feedback and I am sorry about the issues you experienced. We will work hard to improve GlassWire in the future.

In case you didn’t know, and in case anyone else is reading this post we do have a remote monitoring feature where you can monitor other machines from one location.