Improvements please

Hi team && Happy New Year 2021,

I would like to know if it would be possible to add some features:

  • To be able to assign a flag or a tag. For better organization and visualization.

  • To be able to view the history, and specifically on a particular application. Like ability to activate log temporarily of selected apps in order to display it. After we can stop extra logs or not :slight_smile:

  • To be able to export / import rules.


Thank you for your feedback. I will share the ideas with our team.

  • For “Things” you can assign a tag. Please mouse over the “info” column and choose “label”. I understand though that you may be talking about other apps/hosts.

  • If you go to the graph and choose “apps” you can do this, or go to the usage tab and choose “apps”. You can also view history of a specific publisher, like Microsoft for example. If you don’t want logs of a specific app you can choose “Incognito” and there will be none for that specific app.

  • We have no import/export features. Thanks for your feeback.

Thanks for your fast reply,

Yes I understand, but yes its about apps in firewall section. Like an easy way to assign a tag that change the background color with transparency by exemple. After that we can group by tag.

For graph no, it’s not exactly that :confused: we see the bandwidth usage and total data by domain/ip. But It may be better to see when an address/ip is hit with timestamp. IMO, we don’t have a good visibility of requests (instant where ? how much requests ? etc…) display the order of request is important it seems to me.

Incidentally, I’m an old user of littlesnitch on mac, and I like the fact that we can allow ONCE, FOREVER, JUST THIS DOMAIN, etc. Because here its binary. Maybe a windows firewall issue :slight_smile:

Your software is very nice, sexy and certainly the best for Windows BTW


Thanks @Florian_Blanc! We appreciate your comments so we can work to improve.