Inaccurate Daily Data Usage

I have just started using GlassWire to monitor mobile data use on my Samsung Galaxy Android smartphone. Unfortunately the daily usage statistics provided are always a hell of a lot less than those given by my British Telecom network provider. For example:

21 March: BT = 18.7MB, GW = 13.3MB
24 March: BT = 19.8MB, GW = 16.3MB

It seems that GW is failing to pick up all of my mobile data but why? Comments and advice would be most welcome.


If you go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “Settings” what version of GlassWire does it say you have?

It says version 1.1.291r


Our latest version is 1.2.300r. We are slowly updating our users and 1.2.300r should fix this problem with your phone type.

If you go to from your phone, do you see an “Update” button? If so can you update? If not you will see an update alert at some point.

No, I just see the Install button. Thanks for response and information about forthcoming update. Despite the discrepancy in data usage stats I am still finding the app very useful in helping me to see what’s consuming my data!

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In the next week or so we will update everyone. We’re slowly updating our user base to make sure the update is very stable and we’re fixing bugs as we go.