Inbound LAN connections

Hi, I have purchased the Glasswire Basic product, and it is a very polished and well presented application. However, maybe I’m missing something though as I could not see a way, for instance, of configuring the product to allow access from a NetBIOS/Local Windows PC on the same LAN (in my house) but to disallow other hosts on the same network. It appears to treat the local network as trusted … is this related to Windows settings and cannot be over ridden in Glasswire ? I was hoping to get away from the slightly archaic Windows interface for this.


Thanks so much for upgrading.

GlassWire manages the Windows firewall by using a Windows API, so we are limited in what we can do. We’re looking at switching to our own firewall technology but the nice thing about the Windows Firewall is that it helps keep our application light on CPU load. Also over a billion Windows users use the Windows Firewall so it’s tried and trusted and updated by Microsoft.

So what I said is correct ?
I’m more used to traditional granular (Checkpoint like) firewall rules with source IP, destination IP, protocol, port # etc
I actually find Windows implementation of the firewall quite unclear … I want to block all incoming connections unless I specify them with source IP, destination IP, protocol, port #l
I would definitely be interested in a more comprehensive product …

We’re looking at developing our own firewall but we’ll only do so if we can put it under extreme testing, plus have it tested by third parties before releasing it. For now we use Windows Firewall so we have limitations on what we can do in some cases, but overall the Windows Firewall is surprisingly powerful.