Inconsistent Alerts Linking Behavior

On the Graph Tab, I choose Unlimited and place the date/time cursor on the graph at September 6, 2018 as shown in fig. 1. I click the small Internet Explorer icon in the lower left of the graph screen. The dialog shown in fig. 2 comes up. I click on the small Privoxy icon. That brings up the dialog shown in fig. 3. I click the Alerts button which results in the dialog shown in fig. 4. I note that the two alerts shown are both dated December 19, 2018(?) despite the fact that the cursor is at September 6, 2018. No earlier alerts are shown. Additionally, there are no small “i” icons to the right of the alerts’ details that would link me to those alerts on the GW Alerts Tab. I found that if I were to have initially clicked on one of the Alert balloons on the graph toward the right side of the screen instead of where I placed the cursor, and if I clicked on one of the alerts shown along the top of the small resulting dialog, the alerts’ details would contain small “i” icons next to them that would link me directly to those alerts on the GW Alerts Tab. Am I missing something about how this should work? This linking behavior seems inconsistent in that it seems to depend on exactly where on the graph I try to access the Alerts’ details from. I think that being able to link directly to an alert’s entry on the Alerts Tab from any dialog referencing Alerts is very cool and useful. Thank you for your help.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

The alerts are only kept for three months, which is what you are seeing in the Graph view - this was recently discussed:

I would like to see the alerts kept for as long as the history but I suspect that the lack of detail in the history beyond three months back makes the alerts less useful anyway.

At present, February 17 in my location, I can only see alerts back to November 16 last year which is three months back.

When I go to the end of the Alert tab list by date:

When I view the oldest alert on the Unlimited Graph view:

I agree. :+1:

Interesting that when I shut down Glasswire either from the main GW menu or by r-clicking the GW tray icon and selecting EXIT, and then I restart GW from the Windows Start menu, suddenly I have an additional 3 months of alerts on the Alerts Tab as well as Alert balloons on the Unlimited graph, going back to August 14, 2018 (Fig. 1, 2 & 3). Then, if I close GW with the X or I switch focused windows to another program and subsequently restart GW or return focus to it, I see where the Unlimited graph as well as the Alerts Tab have reverted to displaying alerts only through November 13, 2018 again (Fig. 4). It’s as if the additional 3 months of data is somehow hidden after a few minutes of starting GW as described above.

Also, I have tested the Unlimited graph display by changing my system clock back to January 1, 2018 and I can see that GW’s database has all my traffic stored back to the last time I completely deleted my data on 09/04/2017. Even though I have not seen any indications of alerts going back that far, I do wish I was able to at least view my up & down traffic back to that beginning date.

Fig. 1, 2 & 3

Fig. 4

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Yes, that is interesting as I reproduced this behaviour. I don’t remember noticing that before. Maybe because I use Graph view rarely.

I couldn’t get the Graph view to revert immediately. Instead it took well over a minute with me typing in another window before it reverted.

Since the Glasswire.db stores the previous 6 months of alerts, shouldn’t it be possible to display all of those alerts all the time, instead of for just a few minutes? (1 year of alerts would be great, too, if that could be a future improvement.) Also, I have read here that the so-called “One Year Bug” should be fixed in the upcoming release. Will that fix allow all of my network traffic data (not including alerts), going back to the date I last cleared my data in 2017, to be displayed and accessible in the Unlimited Tab? Thanks.

Thanks for your feedback, I will share it with our team. Meanwhile we have a GlassWire update available this morning.

Hi, thanks for the quick reply and for the new update. Neither of the issues I asked about in my earlier question appear to have been addressed in the update, however. Are either (or both?) of these issues to be addressed in the upcoming, so-called “One Year Bug” resolution? Also, what is the current status of that fix at this time? Thank you in advance for those details and for a very cool program!

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