Install on 2nd computer

I just purchased Glasswire Pro and have installed it on one computer. Now i need to install it on another computer on my home network. How do I install the Pro version without going thru purchase again. I have saved the registration number but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Please help. Thanks


Thank you for upgrading.

Use the same Pro code a second time on the next computer. The same code will work on three computers. Download GlassWire from, then go to the top left menu and choose “activate”.

If you need to release the code from one computer go to the top left GlassWire menu and choose “deactivate”, or email us and we’ll help.

Does this apply to the basic version as well?


Basic only installs on one PC. To release the license before moving it to go the top left GlassWire menu where it’s already installed and choose “Deactivate”. If you run into any licensing issues email us so we can help.

Thanks for the response. Seeing as though I have purchased the wrong thing, I confused “3remote connections” with remote PC’s, what’s the best option for moving to “Pro” without negating my basic purchase? If any?


Sorry for the confusion. Please email me a link to this thread so I can help you upgrade.