Installation as a non-administrator is faulty

I installed the b25 as a normal user (since I don’t run as Administrator in W8.1). I was prompted, as normal, for the admin account and password while installing and now as the non-admin user I can’t find the app.

I just checked by logging as the admin account that it is visible there, but as the normal user I can’t see it. Obviously it is being installed for the single user who installed it (i.e. the Admin), and not for “All users”.

Thanks for your report. We’ll try to recreate this problem on our end and fix it.

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Same for me.

Thanks for an awesome application btw

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I installed it as admin and loged in as the other user and made a shortcut from the glasswire.exe to my autostart.

This issues still exists.

GlassWire frontend doesn’t run on non-administrator accounts even if installed to that account with administrator permission. The GlassWire services are there and running but no GUI interface at startup.

If it is a deliberate design decision not to provide access for non-administrator accounts then I should not be able to run the frontend but I can. it will autostart in non administrator accounts by manually moving a shortcut to the %programdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup folder.

Thanks. I will investigate.

@remah and @jodyfanning I’ll send you both a new version of GlassWire that should fix this bug. Thanks for your reports.

@Ken_GlassWire took me a while to check, but the package you sent worked as expected.

I could install it from my normal User account (by giving admin user/password) and it both ran normally from the User and also appears in the list of apps from the same account.

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